About Advocate Lifestyle Support

Our family’s personal experience inspired us to start Advocate Lifestyle Support – a disability support service provider where you are never treated like a number. Our vision is to provide the highest quality supports to children, teens, and young adults with a disability. We achieve this by operating within a stringent policy and procedure framework and hiring only the most passionate and qualified staff to work with our clients.

Based on the beautiful Sunshine Coast in Queensland, we are a locally owned and operated family-run business, employing exceptional local staff. Advocate Lifestyle Support was born after our family experienced first-hand that there is a real need for quality, affordable support services where clients are treated with dignity and respect and supported to live life their way.

Gavin (pictured right with our son Owen) manages our team and provides support services to our wonderful clients. Isabel (pictured below right with Owen at the park) takes care of Advocate Lifestyle Support’s administration, while also caring for Owen.

About Owen

At two years old, Owen was diagnosed with Fragile X Syndrome and Autism. From birth, he struggled severely with eating and drinking and experienced global developmental delays. Finally receiving a diagnosis was a relief, meaning we could begin to help Owen armed with all the information, tools, and supports necessary.

Owen is now a big, happy boy with an infectious smile. He has many life-long challenges which include oral hypersensitivity, an intellectual disability, as well as joint hypermobility and difficulities with fine and gross motor skills. Anxiety is possibly Owen’s biggest challenge. The symptoms of his disability sometimes make life difficult but do not define him. He surprises us each day with his determination, love, and bravery. He is mad about The Wiggles and going to the park as often as he can!

We look forward to meeting you soon and hearing your story!

Learn more about Fragile X Syndrome here, and Autism here.